The history of the most complete website drop right reason analysis

3xx (redirect) to fulfill the request, the need for further operation. Usually, these used to redirect status code. 203 (unauthorized information) server has been successfully processed the request, but the return information may come from another source. 300 (multiple choice) according to the request, the server can perform multiple operations. The server according to the […]

The Shanghai dragon pseudo technology you grasp what floor

? why so many people love to engage in academic? These problems aside, Jane Shanghai also want to go before the Dragon sent home, after frequent accident made me realise what is the most important, it is the same with Shanghai dragon. often see those people on TV speak closely reasoned and well argued, the […]

Website optimization easy to ignore the problem

Shanghai dragon contact this thing since I have been in that this is something that can be very simple is not simple, analysis of keywords, get the original, engage in the chain. In fact, it is also difficult to use, what strategy selection, the selection of the long tail, not to rank etc.. Zac said […]

How to optimize the blog

4. from http:/> blog has a lot of social marketing benefits. Blog is the essence of socialization. Open comments can make the reader interaction, interactive bloggers also tend to have a high degree of. For example, one might write a blog post or in another blog, as for other blog post reaction. Other people have […]

On the site of a flat structure and depth of structure

let me have a website very tangled, because the website structure is very complex, I put the site structure called the deep structure. Today I and colleagues in the chat about practicing programmers website structure topic, many programmers are aware of website design flat structure, but many programmers do not know the principle of the […]

How to use Dedecms to share website search optimization

to all pages page can use the following form 3. if not necessary, do not open the two level domain, using two directory 1. produced a total uniform head template and bottom template 5. in each template page add a random article list and TAG label a good head of navigation template, not only allows […]

Analysis of the causes of the website not included

A total of 2. The The content of quality control of content? 3. Love Shanghai to control the "quality is more and more strict, when we complain about love Shanghai not included your site, you have not thought about their own content quality done in a complete mess. When you are not up to the […]

Don’t rely on the chain ranking past it

are recently discovered some problems, and don’t rush to submit after the promotion, wait until after the stable, other details to summarize it, today said the chain of ranking also play a big role in the following screenshot shows   second: want to quickly included must submit the following Shanghai as love, alone cannot crawl […]

Rose how to use the Taobao riot event marketing

for the selected theme, there are many places you can write. I think this is the first thing we can be divided into two aspects to express their views, for example, we support the Taobao, they will support Taobao mall "enterprise" and "standardization" and "positive" Hello, I am the rose. "Taobao riots" these two days […]

Tell you what is the optimal strategy of enterprise website

is their optimization strategy. The general arrangement of their strategy is how to do, the following are introduced in detail: two, the website structure and content of , a strategy selection and layout of keywords 1. enterprise website keyword selection is very important, need to have the effect of keywords, but also do up rankings. […]

Shanghai Longfeng external links on the site ranking analysis

from the 贵族宝贝 station starting A5, please indicate the three, many sites are on the purchase link to the rankings, but recent purchase of external links to the website ranking in the fall, but did not buy external links only link in some related domain is close to the site’s ranking rose, this is why? […]